Kindness as a Therapy (KaaT)

Be like “Kinder”

as in German.

When I think of Kindness, I think of Children or Kinder as they say in German.

Yes, children are always kinder than adults to other humans, animals, the environment and to their minds.

They say never grow up. Picasso famously said :

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

I think growing up is inevitable but to remain a kid is a choice and few choose this carefully and nurture that inner child in them, sure they annoy the heck out of the grownups and make them frown but you know what, it is one of the most rewarding assets to keep. With that comes kindness as the inner child doesn’t know anything much other than that. I love talking to, listening to, caring and guarding the inner me because he makes me the best version of me and makes me remain, just like him, kind and sane in this interesting world.

Kindness is like air – it is really light, not difficult, universal and most of all essential to life. Spreading kindness is, thus, akin to breathing life into others. As if you are God. If you believe God or not, you have to admit, it is pretty good to be taken for God for doing something that simple.

Irregardless of your reason, let’s spread kindness because it is super easy and makes the life of yours and others profoundly better.

I don’t know what you want to be. But be kind. Sei ein Kind.

Kindness to strangers is like finding oasis in a desert – only that more you give, more you receive to give more and to be grateful to be able to give and receive.
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