bKind2Mind Ltd is a Mental Health company that provides tech solutions to address and celebrate mental willness. 

based in London UK, bKind2Mind Ltd offers a range of tech platforms and consultancy for mental health and dementia sectors.

Current projects by bKind2Mind Ltd

1. the Art Platform, I Can’t Paint Studio offers a showcasing and networking platform for those who have mental health issues but also are, as always, gifted with artistic talents : icantpaintstudio.com

2. the My Memory Journey project is a personalized storytelling platform that aims at preserving the journies of dementia patients in a story/journal format that can help them with their memories or people to stave off dementia in the future. This project uses TaaT platform that leverages cutting edge technology including AI and Blockchain to preserve their memories in a personalised way. This platform will be available soon for bera testing.

3. the Blindhands: end-lessness project is founded on scientific studies that show that poverty impedes cognition. We are currently developing an app that facilitates donors who are willing to pay a meal for a food seeker who is ashamed to ask publicly.

4. the Minding my health business is the consultancy arm of bKind2Mind that supports individuals/ researchers from academia or industry working on the mental health and science sectors on how to build, run and improve their business or scientific research.

I started with I can’t paint – but finished with
I can do art

Let us celebrate the I Can’t.

My black rendition of Mvnch
Artist credit : Lawrence Rajendran (www.icantpaintstudio.com)

My memory journey.

Let’s help anonymously to end foodlessness Artist credit : Lawrence Rajendran (www.icantpaintstudio.com)

Blindhands: end-lessness.

Celebrating Mental Willness Artist credit : Lawrence Rajendran (www.icantpaintstudio.com)

Collaboration and consultancy

Black lives matter.
My black rendition of Klimt. Artist credit : Lawrence Rajendran (www.icantpaintstudio.com)

Black Lives Matter.

Remembering Breonna Taylor.
Artist credit : Lawrence Rajendran (www.icantpaintstudio.com)

Black history month.


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